Champions of Callidyrr

Welcome to Horsa


The city of Horsa sits on the banks of the Swanmay River, which runs from Blackstone and the foothills of the Fairheight mountain range, through the majority of the Dernal Forest, and out to the eastern shore of Alaron. Its position at the crossroads of the Swanmay and the High King’s Road makes it a natural trading hub, and a potentially advantageous garrison point for troops.
The city is split into two areas by a sheer cliff; the upper and lower quays, and has two waterfalls. Any trade passing through by river must be transported to either side of the falls by the local porters guild. The city is surrounded by several farms and has strong stone walls on the north, east and south sides. The northeastern end of the city boasts a massive hill or butte surrounded by a small wooded area. On this butte sits Moonstone Keep, the seat of power for the Lord Warden of Horsa. The position of Lord Warden was bestowed upon Farrous Markelhay by the High King, one hundred years ago. Today, his great-grandson, Lord Farren Markelhay, upholds the honor of his station and is well loved by his subjects.
Though the city sits on the fringes of the Dernal Forest it has suffered over a long siege against the unseelie fey of the feydark and Nachtur. The goblin armies of the Great Gark have taken their toll on the city, whose walls are crumbling and citizens are on the brink of starvation. The PCs arrive in Horsa, through their various means, and explore the embattled town, its inhabitants, and its perils.

-Cast of Characters

Spivey- A human wizard from Waterdeep who carries more than his fair share of secrets.
Rasia- The fiery sorceress from Calimshan seeks to make her fortune on these tiny islands, and maybe help some people along the way.
Raid- A diminutive gnome from the Korinn Archipelago with a greed outweighing that of a dragon’s.
Olisk- A dwarven ranger with an interesting history, and strange interests.
Ye’Min- Scion to the stone giant throne of Oman, this goliath seeks to spread the faith of Grumbar.

-Important NPCs

Huedyn- The spiritual leader for Horsa, and representative for the druidic order on Alaron, Huedyn is an eccentric and reclusive person. The PCs discovered, however, that the half-elf druid was acting as a spy for the goblin armies and was actively trying serve Horsa to the Great Gark on a platter. He was defeated in the Tomb Wood, but was later reincarnated as an Unseelie Wendigo by his lover and parter in espionage, Envy.
Orest Naerumar-

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