The Moonshae Isles

The Moonshae Isles are in the western portion of the Sea of Swords, near where that body of water leads to the uncharted expanses of the Trackless Sea. The nature of the archipelago that forms the Moonshaes is paradoxical: The seemingly simple and primeval beauty of the isles’ landscapes belies the complicated political power struggle taking place there. The climate of the Moonshae Isles is something that only a lifelong inhabitant could embrace. The same ocean currents that keep the temperatures from dropping below freezing too often in the winter months leave the land damp and cool in the summer. Rainfall is a constant companion, and fog shrouds both the land and surrounding waters in the early morning and late evening.
The isles’ rocky terrain and mist-shrouded forests are protected from intruders by terrible creatures and leagues of pirate-infested waters. Industrious and persevering humanoids survive despite many hardships here. The isles also have fey creatures both spritely and sinister, primal beasts with an unquenchable thirst for blood, giants thrilling in generations-old violence, and cold-hearted merchants bent on pillaging the land for their own monetary gains. With the transference of the fey realm of Sarifal to the island of Gwynneth a century ago, the barrier between the Moonshae Isles and the Feywild has weakened severely. Although the area has many bridges and crossings between the mortal world and the land of Faerie, the last one hundred years have seen an influx of fey creatures. Satyrs, hamadryads, pixies, and other fey-touched creatures stroll through civilized areas of the Moonshaes, and many evil fey have made the trip to the mortal world as well.

Champions of Callidyrr

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